Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with the e-go electric remote control system.

The e-go has been designed and developed without compromise, and with the simple concept - to build a caravan mover by uniting precision engineering and innovative product features. A winning combination that makes e-go the perfect choice.

Choice and Flexibility... just the two of the many design features included with the NEW e-go remote caravan mover system.

Beautifully engineered, compact and tough, e-go gives you the control to move your caravan with ultimate ease and precision.

The new e-go uses a modular design approach that makes all e-go mover systems upgradable, and gives you the freedom to move your mover when you change your caravan... from single to twin axle. No need to buy an expensive replacement mover, just upgrade - and now you can even upgrade your e-go to include an all new electric engagement system.

quattro electronic control
A switchable and modular electronic control system suitable for e-go 2 & 4-wheel driven motor mover systems.

Integrated Cross-Actuation
Cross-actuation allows you to engage both rollers from either side of the caravan at the same time, useful when parking your caravan next to a wall or hedge.

Beautifully Engineered
e-go incorporates a direct power train, lightweight alloy gearbox that drives the wheel rollers smoothly and positively, without the power loss associated with chain driven systems.

Easy and Effortless
Roller wheel engagement is simple and effortless with either a super-smooth wind on mechanism, that may be operated with a cordless drill, or the option of a fully automatic remote control engagement system.

Accurate Control
The e-go remote control system incorporates soft start technology which lets you manoeuvre your caravan with pin-point accuracy in any direction - forwards, backwards or complete 360° rotations.

Compact and Tough
Designed to be as small and strong as possible, the e-go combines high grade, lightweight materials with high output, low gear motors. These features make the e-go the perfect choice.